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Pompe dosatrici proporzionali

ON/OFF and Proportional membrane pumps

contatori lancia impulso per pompe dosatrici

Threaded and flanged impulse counters

Piston pumps for middle-high flowrate

Proportional dosing pump list

Impulse counter list

High flowrate dosing pump

Dosing pumps and proportional dosage system

Sistema di dosaggio proporzionale

Installation scheme proportional dosing system

Proportional dosage systems are a suitable solution for dosing acid liquids (hydrochloric, ferric, ferrous acid), basic liquids (sodium hydroxide) and sodium hypochlorite (commonly known as chlorine), considering the quantity of liquid which has to be treated. Proportional dosage systems are equipped with a proportional dosing pump which receives the signal from an impulse counter, a flow measurer or a PLC.

The counter measures the water flow and turns it into proportional signals (the more the water flow, the stronger the signal). After receiving the signal, the pump injects the chemical considering the water flow variation. This system is employed for small quantities of water (apartment buildings, campsites, swimming-pools, industries etc…) and big water flows (consortium, water managers and public entities).

Wide range of pump, impulse counters and accessories.

  • On/Off Dosing pumps, constant flow and adjustable
  • Proportional dosing pumps linked to external signals, adjustable.
  • Dosing pumps, various voltages: 380Vac, 220Vac, 115Vac, 24Vac, 24Vdc, 12Vdc.
  • Threaded impulse counter, from ½ to 2 inches (maximum 30 degrees – 16 bar).
  • Storage tanks, junctions, suction filters, injection valves and connecting pipes.

At our office you can also find PHmeters, PH electrodes, Flowmeters ecc..

Worldwide shipping of dosing pumps, impulse counters and dosage systems

Contatore lancia impulsi per acqua
Pompa dosatrice e contattore lancia impulsi
Contatore lancia impulsi per acqua
Pompa dosatrice e contattore lancia impulsi

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