Quartz diffusers 170mm

Measurement:∅ 70x 170 mm

Connection: Standard ∅ 1 inch F.

Flow: 0,6 – 1,2 Nm³/h

Quartz diffusers 270mm

Measurament: ∅ 70x 270 mm

Connection: Standard ∅ 1 inch F.

Flow: 1,2 – 2,4 Nm³/h

Quartz diffusers 570mm

Measurament:∅ 70x 570 mm

Connection: Standard ∅ 1 inch F.

Flow: 2,4 – 6,0 Nm³/h

Quartz diffusers available in various lenghts

Also available in side connection




Our air diffusers are made of quartz, which produces very little bubbles. They come both in side and central connection, and are fully resistant to deal with acid waters ( 5-9 PH) and temperatures up to 35°C. Moreover, their weight allows to insert them from the top of the plants, without emptying and enetering the tanks.


Posizionamento diffusore

For a proper installation, diffuser should be placed at the bottom of the oxydation tank, in order to homogenise oxygen in water. These diffusers are connected to the blower by a flexible pipe.
On request, we will provide also connections, flexible pipe, Secoh pumps or side channel blowers.

These porous diffusers can be placed like below

diffusore tubolare per depuratore

Keep your purification plant running properly

Replace diffusers in your oxidation tank

SPECIAL KIT AVAILABLE!!! Easy to install, it consists of a blower, correctly shaped air diffusers, connections, pipes and enzymes to make your activated sludge plant work again.  

water treatment

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