Tubular diffusor 8 m³/h

membrane diffusor

Measurement: ∅ 70 x 500 mm
Weight: 0,45 Kg
Flow: 2,0 – 8,0 Nm³/h

Tubular diffusor 12 m³/h

membrane diffusor

Measurement: ∅ 70 x 750 mm
Weight: 0,70 Kg
Flow: 3,0 – 12,0 Nm³/h

diffusore elastomero per fanghi nattiviTubular diffusers are designed for medium/large wastewater purification plants, which consist of a high quality elastomer micropore membrane, allowing the ideal air distribution involved in oxydation tanks.

These diffusers work both in a continuous and intermittent way; they can handle temperatures up to 32°C and a PH between 5 and 10.

This diffuser is usually installed when it is necessary to cover a wide surface with less devices. It is composed of an elastomer micropore membrane and a rigid polypropylene support.

Tubular diffusers can be installed both individually and collectively at a range of 20 cm from the tank bottom.

Below an example of multiple diffuser installation

diffusore tubolare per depuratore

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